Designer upcycling

Customise existing chairs to give them a more stylish and personal look. The seat is upholstered with premium upholstery fabric from designer labels. The backrest is hand-woven into unique personalised patterns.


Pick your chair frame

We have chairs in stock, or can customise the chairs you have at home.

It all starts with stripping the old chair from its tired or ugly fabric.


Chose fabric you love

Pick the fabric you want to have on the seat.

We source fabric from quality suppliers but you can also bring your own. Here are a few possiblities:

  • Chose from a list of quality fabrics
  • Chose a designer labled fabric from our supplier
  • Get a personnalised design printed onto the fabric
  • Bring your own fabric (For best results and longevity we recommend using upholstery graded fabric.)


Pick the weav pattern

Chose the pattern, the colour and the style of rope you want for your backrest.

There are more than 150 ropes you can chose from!

Whether you want a vibrant and colourful design that will make your interior pop or a soft and subtle style that will blend-in perfectly with your home’s style, we can make it.

Order yours!

70+ Colours
of rope to chose from
1+ Patterns
and more to come

Before & After

Here are a few examples of before and after builds. All the examples here were locally sourced second hand chairs. Some were found on the side of the road, others bought second hand.
This kind of customisation can be done on many types of chair both indoor and outdoor chairs.