Orders & prices

Weaving request

Almost all types of furniture can be customised with a weave. Chairs and benches (especially wicker chairs), wall hangings, bed frames, cupboard doors and sideboards, etc.

1. Free quote

In order to make sure that it will be possible to weave ontp the furniture please send a few pictures by email or WhatsApp. You will get an answer on whether or not the work can be done and a cost estimate.

2. Colours and patterns

+ 100 colours available in matte or satin finish polyester (see pictures at the bottom of the page)

+ 30 colours of waxed or soft cotton.

The choice will be made according to your preferance, the type of furniture and its use.

A library of patterns is available but if you have a reference image or wish to match your order to something existing, this is, of course, possible too.

This discussion can be had:

  • in person at SC Design Studio,
  • at your place (free visit within the Lausanne area),
  • or over a video call.

3. Preview

A preview of chosen design and colour will then be made and shared for approval. You may request one round of changes at no extra cost. This preview then will be used for the weaving process.

4. Work

Once the preview has been aproved, work can begin. It will take about a week. (Time may vary depending on  rope availability from the suppliers)



These prices include rope and labour (-10% as of 3 pieces). Greyed-out text requires extra work involving extra costs.